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About Me

Birth Name:
Dandy Derisetiya Hairawan (Dandy)
Nicknames :
Danz, danzcreation, danz_balaukachan, balaukachan, rush, link, ndy, dendot, dangdut, botak, arab, ucil, jerry
Languages :
Indonesian (Fluence), Sundanish (Good), Korean (Poor) , English (Basic), Japanese (VeryPoor), French (Poor)
DOB: December 20, 1991
Homeplace : Sukasenang Sindangkasih
Height: 166cm
Weight: ±50kg
Blood Type: O
Occupation :
unemployment (technician)
Hobbies : Listening for Music and watching for MusicVideo
Experience :
-2008 Al-Muttaqin Sience Competition participants in Bloging category
-2008 Caution2 Polban "Great Ten"
-2009 Telkom Indonesia STO Tasikmalaya internships in Data & Vas division
-2009 Student Skills Competition Tasikmalaya District 1st place in "IT Software Application" Category

Extra Information;

Favorite Song : Love Love Love by Epik High, Lalala...Love Song by As One
Favorite Genre : Electrous, Techno, Dance, Trance, Syn, R&B, Hip Hop, Pano Inst.
Hairstyle for Future Partner : Shoulder-length straight hair
Qualities for Future Partner : Positive & Smart Girl
Special Habits : Needs to take down what to do, loves to talk incessantly
Special Ability : Quickly learned about electronics and things related to electronic item
Favorite Fruits : Strawberry, Avocado
Favorite Male Artists : Jackie Chan
Favorite Female Artists : Taru, Younha
Favorite Band/Group : -
Favorite Male Band/Group : Epik High, MightyMouth
Favorite Female Band/Group : As One, Wonder Girls, Girls' Generation a.k.a SNSD, Jewelry, Kara, T-ara
Favorite Artis/Band/Group (formed) : Sherina, LinkinPark, Peterpan, Ada Band, Gita Gutawa and else
Future Hopes : To be a very good live performer
Favorite Numbers : 20, 13, 5 and binary
Favorite Letters : G
Favorite Drink: Milk, GreenSands
Best Dish (that me can make) : Omelette Rice
Favorite Snack: Taro, Bengbeng, Better
Favorite Animal: Cat, Tiger
Favorite Plant: All kind of tree that can be climbed
Favorite Season: Rainy Season
Favorite Subjects : Techno, Electro, Digital, Science, English, Hangul
Countries She wants to most visit : Singapore, Korea, France, Japan
Happiest Time of the Day: At night sleeping
Weak Point : Can't remember very well, poor sort memory
Motto : Make your weakness as your power
Favorite Color: Light Blue, Light Green, Hot Pink, Black, White
Most Interesting Movie : -